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iTunes library out of memory

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I admit to not being clear about iTunes technicalities so I need some guidance for using my 4gb MBPro/external 500gb hd iTunes 8.1. I have started getting "Out of Memory" errors when paging thru iTunes' 318gb (5703 "songs"). Am I correct that paging in Cover Flow view is more memory intensive than List view? It happened when I was trying to add some artwork. It's disconcerting as I plan to build a much larger library. What file(s) load into ram when itunes is in use? Can't iTunes shuffle stuff in and out using the drive as memory -- like Photoshop?


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Hi coot - Something is not working correctly. I have about 20,000 songs in one library and have never seen an error like this before. I page through cover flow all the time without issue.


Download this widget that will tell you about your memory utilization among many other neat things. iStat Pro


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Thanks for the widget - very useful.

I put Activity Monitor up beside iTunes and tried a LOT of clicking to emulate selection of tunes. Memory use definitely climbs but only gradually. You'd have to do a hundred or so clicks to have problems. Starting a new session resets it, of course. I was working for whole days at a time in one session importing cover art and reviewing -- much more navigation than in a normal listening session for sure.


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So, coot, you've closed and reopened iTunes and this got rid of this error? In that case it sounds like iTunes claims a lot (A LOT!) of memory when you're doing "library building" and you need to close it occasionally to free up that space. Is that what you've found?


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My suggestion would be to take a look at the Activity Monitor every hour or so and if the yellow segment of memory usage is over 50% I would close iTunes and re-open.


Here's the message I got:

"The iTunes library cannot be saved. There is not enough memory."


This is on a MacBook Pro w/4mb RAM. Bear in mind I am no Mac expert and this is my first attempt (and hope only) at building a large library in iTunes -- so far it's taken the better part of 4 months with lots of re-keying as my cds library is 97% classical. As you may know, half the internet data downloaded (cover art and filenaming) is just a mess. I photographed the actual album covers just to be completely anal about it. Needless to say, the backup disk is going to the safe deposit box tomorrow!!


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