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The whole PS3 SACD thing

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This is a reply to Cavaille's Post in another thread which would have been off topic so I brought it here.


The PS3 was seen as many audiophiles as a trojan horse to bring SACD to the masses, very much the way the PS3 has for Bluray (some still argue differently). However there has been little active promotion of this feature - one just has to look at the money put into Bluray advertising to see the difference.

My take on this is this - timing.

SACD and its Counterpart DVD-Audio came out approximately with the arrival of DVD and Sony's PS2.

I strongly feel had SACD been on this machine it would be a viable format and perhaps a growing format now as CD slowly dies. Remember MP3 wasn't yet on us (in the general public anyway). And SACD are more often than not Hybrid so therefore backward compatible (A huge plus IMHO over the DVD Audio format).

So where does that leave the PS3? Well not great. Sony HAD to reduce the price of the PS3, as we know you either sell more to bring costs down or you make them cheaper to make. They weren't selling so they took #2. They polled people who had ALREADY bought a PS3 and asked them what they could do without.

The response was amongst other things SACD (if you want to know the rest you will have to PM me-its so far off topic its not funny).

Now what has really peaved me about the PS3 is its pushed as a home media device. But the music player while handy is clumbersome in operation. Doesn't support anything above 320kps (I don't even get this as it plays CDs) and the Toslink is only 24/44.

The good news is the PS3 is firmware upgradable. If you have a PS3 in your household PLEASE send your local Playstation portal an email. If they don't know people want these things they won't put them in!


Hopefully this didn't come off as a PS3 advertisement. If it did I did a good job, plenty of negatives in there! ;p

I just wanted to give a realistic role in how this device has improved my listening experence.

The next thread will be my adventures in Yellow Dog Linux on the PS3 - Wish me luck!




PS3 60bg (160GB installed + Native music Browser)-AVI ADM9.1-Klipsch SW12 Subwoofer-Belkin Power Board- Custom power cables-Supra Sub Cable- No Name Toslink Cable - PROUD NZer

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