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M-Audio ProFire 610 a 24/192 DAC?

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I just found the M-Audio ProFire 610, which claims to provide 24/192 from all I/Os. It runs on firewire when connected to a PC/Mac. I don't see any specifications that said the Firewire port is limited to 96Khz. So, does that mean this is the cheapest solution to 24/192 music compared to the Weiss and RME? Please correct me if I'm wrong, thank you.




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Looking at http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/ProFire610.html it says:


"ProFire 610 allows you to enjoy full 24-bit/192kHz operation on all inputs and outputs simultaneously. ProFire 610 allows you to enjoy full 24-bit/192kHz operation on all inputs and outputs simultaneously"


In addition, I've just bought one to use as a firewire interface to play back 24/192 files with the Benchmark DAC1 PRE and perhaps the Berkeley Alpha in the future.


It seems like a bargain but I wonder how it compares to those firewire interface from Weiss. I've yet to test out its analogue output sound quality as it only provide TRS analogue output.


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The profire610 does seem to be a bargain in its ability to play 24/192 files when compared to the RME fireface which costs around $1000. I have a Benchmark DAC1 Pre as well and that's why I like to know more about the ProFire610 because I'd like to play some 24/192 files too.

So far my DAC1 Pre is outputting 24/96 through optical from my Macbook pro. I'm still waiting for more reviews of the ProFire610 to justify the purchase since it's still a relatively new product.

I don't think the DAC1 Pre will be able to compare to the Weiss because the DAC1 up or down samples everything to 110khz I think. So some people doesn't consider the DAC1 as a real 24/192 DAC. I'm not sure about the Weiss products until I hear it, but right now I can't really afford one. So, unfortunately it will have to wait...


How do you like the ProFire610? Have you done any sampling on 24/192 files with your DAC1 Pre? If so, please write a review or something to let us know. I'm interested...




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My initial impression using 24/96 material and comparing Benchmark usb vs. coaxial (via Profire 610) they are very similar but the usb input seems to sound cleaner. When comparing 24/96 and 24/192 material through the coaxial input, the 24/192 seems to be slightly more detail.


I would recommend sticking to the usb input for 24/96 materials or try something like the Berkeley - which I'm looking forward to try.


You can download some very good quality sample from http://www.designwsound.com/dwsblog/?page_id=318 to try.


I haven't had a chance to test out the analogue output of the Profire 610 which I think should be very interesting. Its analogue output uses TRS (balanced) connection so I need to get some custom made cables (TRS to XLR) for that.


Any other comments out there?


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I know this topic is over a year old, but did anyone ever get around to testing the Profire 610 as a standalone DAC? It certainly looks interesting and I like that I could possibly use it as a DAC and an ADC to make some digital copies of my vinyl. So it would be great to hear some feedback from anyone who has compared it to other hi-res DACs.


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I bought that unit a month ago mainly for vinyl to digital, got fustrated with it, and returned it. my main gripe was the standalone mode, which to me a pain.

Got the E-MU0404 instead,and quite predictitable and much better sound. I also ended up buying the RME pci 9632 card. all I can say, the two of these together, awesome.



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