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Next Step: Suggestions?

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I called HeadRoom and they told me that the DAC in my headphone amp will accept up to 24/192 via s/pdif (coax or toslink), but not via USB.


I'm (slowly, painfully) downloading the HDTracks sampler, which is 24/96. This will give me a test case.


There is a s/pdif connector on my motherboard, but no connection to the outside world. There is a bracket I can get for $10 + $7 shipping (from Australia, apparently the only source on this blue ball floating in space) via eBay that will break out that connection to a coax and toslink connector on the back of the box, leaving me only a coax cable away from a test.


Or should I spring for an inexpensive audio card, like an M-Audio 2496 for $100, that will give me enough of a card to make a test, but will not go to 24/192 should such a thing become necessary.


Or should I find a more expensive, but still inexpensive, card that will go to 24/192? Requirement: Linux drivers. PCI-express x1 would be nice, but I have one PCI slot as well.


Basically, I would like to run a test to see if this is anything I want to pursue, without out spending big bucks just for the test.





16/44.1 source material, ripped via EAC to WAV. Linux (Fedora 10) machine -> USB -> Headroom Desktop Headphone Amp (Max DAC, Max module) -> Sennheiser HD650

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