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Lynx AES16e pci express with pc + windows xp pro

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Its been recommended to use Lynx AES16 pci instead of express version ( Lynx AES16e ).

What is disadvantages of using the Lynx AES16e with pc + windows xp pro? I can not afford Apple Pro Mac at this time, but was thinking that if I put in Lynx AES16e into pc tower . Than later date switch the Lynx card into mac. I will use media monkey as suggested here.

Rest of audio system McIntosh tube preamp, Anthem statement power amp, Dali speakers and Bryston BDA-1 Dac

Any advise be welcome.




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The disadvantages are that you would be ignoring the recommendations of supposedly better experts who have determined that the Lynx AES16, particular drivers and XP is sonically superior.


I happen to think using the AES16e would still be good even if it's not as good and thus it may be a small disadvantage. But how do you know for sure unless you spend considerable time with both the PCI and PCIe cards? And what makes you think that there will not be a superior and perhaps less expensive card when purchase your Mac Pro? Recommendations are always a snapshot in time.


IMO it doesn't hurt to have multiple components in order to discern the pluses and minuses of each. I started with a Mac music server, added a Windows music server, then another Windows music server, and when Apple incorporates a few of my wish list features (automatic resolution adjustment, FLAC support, 24/192 through USB or toslink), I will be getting another Mac.


The bigger problem may be transferring your music library from MediaMonkey to iTunes. I believe it's easier just to re-rip to iTunes and keep your MediaMonkey music library for backup and as an alternate Windows music server.


Don't agonize, just jump in, have some fun and enjoy. Whatever you do it's likely to be a start and not an end.


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Hi miatadan - I have both cards but have not been able to A/B them in the same system. I am working with someone who has several Lynx AES16/e cards new and old batches and he swears by the AES16 models. In fact some recording / mastering engineers who listen to these cards all day also like the AES16 much better and have returned the AES16e model. I've been told the technical reason for the difference between the card but I don't want to perpetuate any misinformation here so I won't relay this info based on my memory only.


Personally I think both cards are wonderful. It's likely one of those things where you'd have to have both cards playing back to back or side by side to notice a big difference. Like looking at all the TVs in an electronics store. When they are all together the better looking TVs can be easy to pick out. But, when you get a TV home it's the best looking TV around because there is no better model sitting right next to it.


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Thanks for the replys, much appreciated. I will use a cost effective pc + windows xp pro as I brought this operating system new ( will have to do service pack 3 )

Chris, you mentioned in other posts that you customized xp pro install - what were the changes compared to default install? Any way to treak media monkey install?

I will buy Lynx AES16e as I will put this into Mac Pro desktop, always preferred macs but cannot afford the Pro desktop.

At the audio video shop I work for, I am the IT dept as well as custom installer so I am comfortable with both windows and OSX.

I do refer your site to all my customers who are interested in music servers. Your site best so far for valuable advise ))))



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