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Laptop Cooling

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I apologize ahead of time if this has already been discussed in another thread but I've noticed many posters mentioning how hot their Mac laptops get. I know from experience when Apple first switched to the Intel processors proper cooling measures weren't taken into account. I had many friends who had odd freezing & rebooting issues due to overheating and instead of correcting the heat problem head on by using better heatsinks & fans retail places like Mac Authority and the Apple store would simply disconnect the heat overload sensor on the motherboard to prevent the random rebooting which absolutely shortens the life of the computer due to the processor staying at excessively high temperatures. Heat in a computer is bad news. What a cheap trick eh? If any of you are interested at all in a passive + active cooling solution check out the Zalman NC-1000, NC-1500, and NC-2000. They are made of aluminum and using it non-powered alone cools your computer pretty well; but it also has two built in quiet fans with an adjustable RPM speed control. It has an On/Off button, connects to your USB port, and receives its power from the computer for active cooling. The differences between the models are their size and feet on the bottom. I've done the metric conversions for your convenience and the [NC-1000] is L-12" X W-13" X H-1.5", [NC-1500] L-13.5" X W-11.7" X H-2", and [NC-2000] L-12.5" X W-15.7" X H-1.6". The NC-1000 has permanently angled feet with rubber, the NC-1500 permanent angled silicon feet, and the NC-2000 adjustable to flat or angled plastic feet with rubber. They all work just fine with any size notebook but the NC-2000 is best suited for Laptops with screens of 17"+. My dad, mom, and brother own one and they love them (my laptop died from spilled gatorade some time ago and I never got another one unfortunately). At the lowest fan speed setting near silent mind you it actually reduces the temperature of the computer by 10 degrees Fahrenheit, which is quite impressive. They come in Silver or Black colors. Prices start at $42.99 for the NC-1000 up to $59.99 for the NC-2000. Zalman makes some fantastic products and their laptop coolers reflect that quality.


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