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Digital Technology and Better Sound in Cars

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This is a bit of an off-topic posting but I'll run this by you for general interest purposes in case you have a spare half hour to kill.


This morning on a Detroit auto industry weekly television show on the Detroit PBS network station (WTVS TV) there was an interview with Tony Bongiovi talking about a new active digital technology for getting high end sound systems into low cost cars using existing equipment in the cars. Along the way he talks about his career as an engineer and producer at Motown Records starting in the mid 60s and his subsequent career in the music recording/producing industry in New York City (at The Power Station studios he established).


Be forewarned - audio purists will be outraged (but it's an interesting story of how technology and art can collide)!


You can view this interview online at the Autoline Detroit Web site at:






Mr. Wednesday


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