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12 hours ago, TubeLover said:

Has anyone compared the MoFi version with the far more recent remixed version by the much lauded Steven Wilson? 





Why would they?  Wilson's is a remix, starting from multitrack master tapes.  The MoFi is a remaster, starting from the two-track master tapes.  


A more apples-to-apples comparison would be to the 'flat transfer'  and 'archived flat transfer' of the two-track tapes, found as bonuses with  the Yes Album surround set.  ( I don't give a damn about vinyl.)


And count me as one who doe NOT find Wilson's Yes remixes 'uniformly spectacular'.    His two channel Yes remixes are all entirely secondary to Eddy Offord's, afaic. They always seem to be missing 'something'.   His 5.1 Yes remixes are spotty;  Yes Album and Fragile work well, but the rest are all lacking in some way (and Relayer, in particular, is a mess).  


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I prefer the MoFi of "The Yes Album" over the SW remix - by a large margin.  The SW remixes of Yes albums are interesting for the perspective they bring, but I do not who considers them 'uniformly spectacular'.   SW's recording chain seems to harden the sound IMHO.   The best of the bunch is Fragile, but as my system has improved, the others have become less enjoyable. 


I have early UK vinyl pressings of Tales and Relayer.   These trounce the SW remixes.  The MoFi of "The Yes Album", on the other hand, trounces my early UK vinyl pressing.

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