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Metropolitan Opera: A Success in HD, but at What Cost?

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They have increased the audience tremendously so where's the harm? If the public would rather watch in a movie theater what's the issue? How is watching an opera live via video "not having and interest"? He tries to relate the radio broadcasts to going to the opera but how many people attended a live opera after listening? Probably the same number that will attend a video broadcast. Even if they play to an empty house, if they make enough to pay everyone and keep the house open what's the problem?


What the Met really needs to do is lower the ticket prices so that I can bring my family. I would spend less money going to a local pro football game than I would with floor seats for the family at the Met. Had to give up my subscription as I just can't afford to pay for a family of 4. Maybe I was spoiled with seats in the middle of the floor!! Recent trips to the Met with my girls school classes for previews have been a lot of fun even though I spend some time explaining what's happening onstage. It's amazing how many I can convince to turn off the subtitles and just listen to the singers.

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