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Using Audiravana with iPad

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Q: Does Audiravana allow you to use your iPad as the remote controller, just by using Apple Remote? A: Yes


Q: Do your music files also have to be in iTunes for the iPad Remote to work? A: Yes, but they only need to be in proxy form to work.

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Have a friend that does this but when he is on his iPad and the song playing is displayed, the iPad doesn't show 'time remaining' or 'time played'... It shows the song playing but just doesn't display time?

That's because Audirvana is fully taking over the playback, leaving Itunes with nothing elso to do than provide the next track to preloadevery once in a while.


You can select an option where Itunes (and therefore the remote app indirectly as well) keeps track of the play position as well, but the Itunes fully deactivated playback turns out to be more stable.

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