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Welcome buonassi, and thanks for your positive attitude!

SO/ROON/HQPe: DSD 256-Sonore opticalModuleDeluxe-Signature Rendu optical--Bricasti M3 DAC--DIY Purifi Amplifier-Focus Audio FS888 speakers-JL E 112 sub-Nordost Tyr USB, DIY EventHorizon AC cables, Iconoclast XLR & speaker cables, Synergistic Purple Fuses, Spacetime system clarifiers.  ISOAcoustics Oreas footers.                                                       

                                                                                           SONORE computer audio

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What is the better filter steepness for resampling from 24 kHz to 48 kHz? Lower steepness makes the range of frequencies at the upper boundary quieter. At the same time, iZotope manual does not recommend higher values:


Higher filter steepness means better frequency performance of the filter: wider passband retains more useful signal, while stronger stopband attenuation provides better rejection of aliasing. At the same time, higher steepness of the frequency response requires a longer filter, which produces more ringing in time domain and energy smearing near the cutoff frequency.


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