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100% digital amplifier

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I am interested to make - and sell - a 100% digital audio amplifier. The design woul dbe somehting like this:


S/PDIF TOSLINK in -> I2S bus -> PCM to PWM conversion & volume control -> PWM output ICs


I have made some research about this design and there are some solutions out there from STMicro and Ti but they are rather complex, offering a PCM to PWM conversion with DSPs and features like multi-channel (5.1) and EQ which I don't want.


Another possibility is a design based on an FPGA specifically created for thi sapplicaiton, and there are some companies offereing IP designs fore this.


Any help, design offerings (also on a commercial basis of course) would be welcome.



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Panasonic made quite a few of these all digital TI-based receivers and I have modded several of them. Wonderful sounding, particularly with mods, but the output impedance too high for good bass-control. The SA-XR45, SA-XR70 and later versions.


Steve N.

Empirical Audio


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