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CAPS Ver 3 - Intel DN2800MT Video Driver and Firewire Card

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I am using CAPS Ver 3 music server connected to WEISS 202 DAC.


Intel DN2800MT, 4G RAM, PCIE TI based firewire card.

JRIVER 17 and Foobar, ASIO/WASAPI event.


After my upgrade from CAPS Ver. 1, I started to experience endless sync issues, errors disconnections etc.. Just before I gave up (not before going trough the full route cause process - i switched firewire cards, PS, cables, motherboard etc..)


I found that the Intel Video Driver is the source of this NOISE!

Just uninstalled the Intel video driver and it solve my problems...


Wanted to share it with the rest of you...

Ayre CD + CAPS Server > Weiss DAC202 > CJ CT5 > CJ Prem140 > AudioPhysics Virgo

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