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Confuse about DVD Audio

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After seeing threads about ripping DVD-A and DAD, HDAD disks with DVDAExplorer and DVD audio Extractor, I picked up a few 24/96 DAD and 24/192 HDAD disks locally to give them a try. Unfortunately locally there are not many titles available and hardly any that would be the kind of music that I generally listen to. Sonically they were very good.

So I looked on amazon.com using search functions for DVD audio. Lots of titles come out but most only mentioned DVD audio but no reference as to resolution ie 16/48, 24/96 etc.

One album that I am interested in is :



I actually have a CD of this album. However, I could find no information about how the album was recorded, whether it is 16/44.1 PCM or higher resolution recording and down sample for CD or what.


SACD seems much more straight forward as most are either original DSD recording or DSD recording from analog original (except for rare DSD conversion from 16/44.1 PCM). So for DVD-A, what's the norm? Are they mostly 24/96 or mostly 16/48? I don't really much care about 5.1 channels that are offered on some disks as I only use 2 channels stereo for most of my listening. I supposed this is one bad occasion where I can't examine the package closely before buying :(


btw what is a good source of HDAD discs? Amazon only has a few listed when I searched with key word HDAD. It would be nice if I can find a few more.



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Lee, thanks for the information.

It is quite confusing to me as DVD Audio has so many variable, some are just 44.1 or 48 Khz but with 5.1 channels while other are 24/96 or 24/192 so deciding to buy a disc is a bit tricky especially at Amazon as they don't always give all the neccessary information. Elusivedisc and acousticsounds are better in this respect.



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