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NAS with iTunes "server" important?

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I am looking at getting a NAS or external HD. I am looking at the WD Studio II with 2TB, connecting it via USB to my Airport Extreme.


I have read some NAS-es have an iTunes "server" installed.


Is this a feature I will need or with the WD drive do the trick.


I will want to consolidate 2 iTunes libraries onto the HD and access it from 2 different computers wirelessly, as well as use my Apple TV as a bridge to my HiFi kit.






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Hi Jeff - I'm not a fan of the NAS built-in iTunes servers. They don't work how most people think they will work. They show up as a shared library like other computers on the same network show up in iTunes. Not that functional in my opinion. I also don't think your Apple TV would be able to connect to the iTunes server in a NAS.


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I can only speak for the LaCie/Hipserv iTunes Server NAS drive but it will NOT allow you to use that library with an AppleTV. ATV requires you to enter a passcode in iTunes. The iTunes Server only shows up as a shared library as Chris mentioned.




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