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Juan Paulino

Lat International Signature 1.0M USB cable $50

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HI, I'm selling this great usb cable for 50$. Reason why I'm selling is because I plan on buying synergistic research usb.

LAT International 1 0M USB Cable | eBay


If you store your music on a computer, our USB 2 Signature will give you the best streaming audio transfer possible. Some select customers who auditioned pre-production prototypes told us the fidelity they experienced far exceeds that of a number of other USB cables to which they compared. Low jitter along with better smoothness, detail, clarity, focus and powerful controlled bass is what you will hear. This is a must where high resolution data is involved whether it be in consumer or professional use.This cable is capable of superb sound reproduction, especially with high resolution recordings; and as with any system component, you need a well-engineered and well built USB cable to achieve it.We developed this high end cable to take advantage of the potential that exists to achieve superb reproduction with a USB DAC. Consistent with our continuing design philosophy, our Silverfuse conductors are also used in this cable. The conductors are the largest in the industry at 22 gauge to provide for maximum conductivity. The wires are insulated with Teflon, the best insulation available. Competing cable companies use PE (Polyethylene). Polyethylene is readily available and is used commercially for television wire and other commodity coaxial cables. It is inexpensive and far inferior to much more costly Teflon; especially ours which we modify to our specifications.Sensitive signals transfer with no interferences ensured by ferrite filters and multiple layers of shielding that provide 220 percent of shield coverage.



Our proprietary Silverfuse metal conductors

Large 22 gauge internal conductors – largest in the industry to ensure maximum clarity in signal transfer.

All conductors are Teflon insulated

Cable interior filled with Polypropylene fibers for vibration damping and antistatic protection. We have not seen this important provision on any other competing USB 2 cable.We suggest you try it on our 45 day money back trial period. We are confident you will keep it!EXPLANATION OF OUR PROPRIETARY SILVERFUSE CONDUCTOR MATERIAL: Silverfuse is a near alloy of silver and copper. The copper used in this process is Single Crystal Continuous Cast Copper. It has unique physical and chemical properties, such as considerably longer granules with absolute absence of gaseous impurities such as oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. It is free from impurities (up to 99.99998% pure copper). It is far better than continuous cast Oxygen Free High Conductivity wire (OFHC). IT IS NOT SILVER PLATED. Silver plating causes a dioding effect when signal is passed through resulting in brightness and distortion. Because silver plating has a bad reputation, some manufacturers try to disguise the fact by calling it silver coated, silver clad or silver/copper hybrid. But they are all silver plated. Our Silverfuse process starts with Single Crystal Continuous Cast Copper wire with a diameter that is slightly larger than the required size. It is then pulled through a trough of molten silver. The wire with a silver deposit is then forced through a compacting process where it is subject to tremendous pressure. The silver and the copper are fused together into a near alloy. The compacting fusion also reduces the wire diameter to the desired size. No dioding subsequently occurs with this process. The result provides for the benefits of silver; which are excellent definition and clarity, with the high purity copper benefits of warmth and mellowness. (Incidentally, pure silver wire also causes brightness)

Musician Setup


Black Mac Pro 2014 ->Lynx Hilo Thunderbolt ->Synergistic Research Thunderbolt Cable --> Harmonic Tech Magic Link 2 XLR --> Focal Twin BE 6's --> 2 Silent Source The Music Reference Power Cords --> LAT International Signature Power Cords --> Balanced Power Tech AC power Cord with Furutech Connects ->>Balanced Power AC Pure Power Center-->Dedicated AC line with PS Audio Soloist Limited Edition.

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