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MacBook pro, tubemagic d1 plus, audirvana : any advice ?

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Hello , i'm Alex from France ( I don't know if there is an introduction post so please excuse me if i'm being rude :) )

I've got a tubemagic d1 plus for a week , using it on a macbook pro (snow leopard) with audirvana plus. It can handle 24/96 on USB and 24/192 on optical (I'm using a wireworld mini toslink to toslink)


Being a newby, i've got a few questions


1) is it normal that, :

- the sound is greatly better using USB vs optical (wireworld mini toslink to toslink cable)

- audirvana can't enable integer mode with optical whereas USB can


2) when I got into Mac os x "Audio and midi set up" , I can see the mavaudio tubemagic tab and property (2 in and 2 out) but when I set (for in or out) the audio settings to 96khz and 2ca 24bit system's not Working. Indeed it's only working when one sets mav audio settings to 2ca 16bit. the question is : does it mean i'm listenning at 16bit ? what can I do to make it better ?




Thanks a lot Alex

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