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Desktop Speaker / Monitor stands

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Destop speaker stands


I hope there arnt rules for posting ads.


But i recently move my hifi to my desk, and when i started listening noticed how rubbish the sound was compared to when the speakers were on stands in the lounge. So i made up little desktop speaker stands which sound immense, i showed some guys at work who loved them too so i made a few for them. I then thought why not see if anyone else wnated them.


Basically they are tiny little stands that tilt the speaker back a little bit so they actually point at you. And becasue they are robustly build and use standard speaker spikes, reduce resonance between the speaker and the desk.


Anyway take a look at the eBay listing for pics and stuff. O and please big, ha ha




Also if you hace any q's or want some custom made, just ask!


And if you think they are crap, i was just an idea and i thought they helped. Im only 17 ha ha


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