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How to move iTunes to a different drive


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Hey guys. I apologize if this is covered somewhere but I was unable to find it. I have a somewhat noisy 500/500gb drive that I want to use to backup my library. I will convert it to a Raid 0 device and connect it to the USB port on my Airport Extreme in another part of the house. The drive is where all of my library is at present and is connected to my Mac mini via firewire. I have connected a quieter 750 gig drive to contain my library. The new drive is connected to the mini via USB. My question is how I safely transfer everything from the old drive to the new. It seems like this should be straight forward using a command under the file settings, such as export library but apparently I am missing something.


By the way, I have been to the B&W factory. Very cool. Plus we got to spend a morning at Abbey Road studios where they use all B&W. We had our tea in the lounge adjoining the studio where the Beatles did their sessions.


Anyway, any help for this PC based guy would be appreciated.


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