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Mac Audio MIDI Volume Settings

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In the Mac Audio MIDI audio output settings section there are three sets of volume control sliders. One is labeled M while the other two are labeled 1 and 2.


The default setting for the M volume setting is zero while the 1 and 2 channels seem to be default set to a value of 0.69/-11.00 dB.


My question about these settings is what is the optimum setting for maximum audio quality? Or should these be just left at the factory default settings as noted above?




Mr. Wednesday


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I beg to differ :-o Those correspond to your system (core audio?) volume. You can watch them move when you hit the volume up/down keys on the keyboard (at least 1 and 2 do). I would keep them at 100% as well; although, it automatically goes to that when using the optical output (can't change the system volume).


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