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Easy way to import / name in itunes ???


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Wondering if anyone knows an easy way to import files / folders into itunes that were originally ripped in Media Monkey, whilst maintaining the correct title / album / artist?? When I try this, the tracks that are imported into itunes have the artist, track title and track number all in the "title" column. "Artist" and "Album" columns are just blank !!!! Is there an easy fix for this ??



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Bumping this thread for the brother ..

But don't think tere'll be an easy way of doing so Tino. I can't see that it gives you any import options like MM and Foobar do etc.





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Give Chris' suggestion a try and let me know what happens. I'm maintaining my library in both MM and iTunes ... I have my reasons - not madness.


And once you've done that have a quick flick through the What HiFi forums and note how many more users are posting re computer audio ...


Things certainly are changing!


HTPC: AMD Athlon 4850e, 4GB, Vista, BD/HD-DVD into -> ADM9.1

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I agree with Chris that this is going to take some serious time to research and correct the names.


I have done the reverse, going from iTunes to MediaMonkey and it was a mess. iTunes is extremely easy to use and it works very well, but Apple seems to make no attempt to be compatible with anyone.


With my evaluation of XXHighEnd, which doesn't appear to use tags but uses any user created file directory structure, I was able to create my music library structure that enables me to include genre, rating, artist, album, track titles, track numbers, etc., that is compatible with MediaMonkey. MediaMonkey has the ability to Autotag from the filename and thus all the tags are automatically created from a very structured system of folders and subfolders that never changes.


Of course MediaMonkey also has the ability to manually tag any track or groups of tracks but that's too much work. I needed something automatic and I wanted my electronic media library to have the rigidity and flexibility of my physical library of records and CDs. Thus I want all the album tracks to be together, fixed and in order like on the physical discs, but the albums can be arranged on any shelf by genre, composer, artists, etc. however I like.


iTunes use of compilations and artists by albums created a lot of confusion for MediaMonkey. And since the method of storing album artwork in iTunes seems cryptic and proprietary I am tempted to say it may be easier to re-rip your CDs in iTunes, it you want perfect organization and good headway with all the album artwork in iTunes. Apple obviously has the resources and talent to write excellent import/export library routines for iTunes, but they probably have little interest.


Good luck, I hope you find better answers and keep us posted.




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No easy fix, but if you organize your music library into a logical or suitable file folder directory system, it may make any imports/exports easier to achieve and understand.


I think that's what I learned from fooling with iTunes, MediaMonkey and XXHighEnd. Because I started with iTunes on my Mac and still rip CDs to my Mac music server, my experience is limited to exports from iTunes into other media players. Perhaps export is not the correct term since all I do is copy my iTunes albums on my Mac across my network to my Windows music server structured library.


I treat both Mac and Windows music libraries as a backup of each other, which gives me the flexibility of exploring the pluses and minuses of different platforms, players, etc. and maintain what everyone should have, a backup. I never would have had a Windows music server except for the CA recommended "Audiophile Reference Music Server For A Song". It's been nothing but fun since, except for about a day and a half of frustration in setting up my Windows music server that plays music 24/7.


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