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B&W Factory Tour

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Us bloody brits eh.


I've never thought of doing a factory tour. I live about 5 miles from the Kef factory - might ask if they'll let me take a look. Could be interesting.





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I've been to the factory. Many people don't realize how small most of the high end companies are. Not so with B&W. This sound silly but I think the thing that intrigued me most was how they got the 801's, a multi-hundred pound soap bar, up off the floor and into their anechoic chamber for final QA. There is this overhead device that a guy pulls down and presses against the side of the speaker. It looks like, and is, a massive suction cup. He presses a button and the suction is applied. He then uses the control to lift this massive speaker up about 4' as I recall and into the chamber. The seven year old in me was amazed.




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I think you described the speakers better than anyone I've ever heard. A multi hundred pound soap bar! when I first brought home my 802s I thought I was going to get them up a flight of stairs by myself. Not only are they very heavy but there is no good place to really hold on to the "soap bar"


Anyway, thanks for the information. My wife and I just moved to a new house this weekend and I think I have a spot to install the giant suction cups :-)


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If you got denied a tour at the B&W factory, the "B&W A Sound Experience DVD" might be the next best thing. This is a free DVD from B&W that has several Music Tracks (The Sara K. Running from you" is amazing) , it also has a 12 Minute Clip about how they make the 800 Series Speakers. A must have for any B&W fan.


You can get it free from B&W from this link if you sign up to get their newsletter. http://bwspeakers.pilotbean.com/dvd_promo/getadvd.aspx?lang=en






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