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Transfering iTunes music library to another computer

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Has anyone experience in moving an iTunes music library from one computer to another? I have an iMac + external HD I've been using as my music server. I want to use a portable + that ext HD.


I copied the "iTunes Library" file from the iMac iTunes folder, and pasted it into the portable's iTunes folder. I then attached the HD to the portable, opened iTunes, then changed the music folder location to the HD.


This almost worked. The iMac library appears in iTunes on the portable, but I get an error message for about 50% of the songs listed in that library saying "the original file cannot be found, wanna find it?" Of course, the original file is still in its rightful place on the ext HD, like all the other original files.





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Welcome to Computer Audiophile. I answered your question about an hour ago, but I see that it didn't show up here for some reason. This is how it is done: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1449 .

Chris also did an article about a month ago - it is on the home page, sixth article down. http://www.computeraudiophile.com/How-To-Move-An-iTunes-Library-Video#new


I see that you posted there and then removed it. Why would you do that?




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Hi Mark, thanks for answering. I moved my post because I thought the original might be overlooked.


I've gone through the steps both Chris and Apple recommend. But my situation is not quite what Chris and Apple describe, as I'm wanting to move my library file, not the music files.


I'm wondering if moving the "iTunes Library" file from one computer to another via cut and paste just doesn't work.


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Yeah. That won't work. There has to be another way though.


I really haven't had to deal with that one. From memory, it is in that first link i sent you I believe, Apple says to NOT ever move the library file. Because of this particular set of circumstances, this would mean to me that you will have to create a new library file on the new computer somehow. At this point I have NO idea of how you would create a new library file where you want it though. MAYBE, if you move your current library file to a place where it won't interfere & iTunes cannot see it and start with a blank iTunes slate, so to speak, you could then import all the songs into iTunes from the hard drive (drag and drop into iTunes) and thereby have it create a new library file semi-automatically. I cannot be sure that would work however. ... SOUNDS good. I just don't know.




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I copied my iTunes application from the iMac to the portable and the problem disappeared. The application, when opened on my portable, required no change in preferences (location of music folder, for instance) as all those preferences copied over. Go figure!


That's a happier result to having to manually import and encode 11,000 wav files.


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