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Sound Cards, which one? RME 9632 or Lynx AES-16 or RME HDSP AES-32?

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I am going to be building my own PC and need help on these sound cards. I will be running out direct into a Wadia 521 GNSC Modded DAC. I had an Esoteric D05 but preferred the Wadia significantly. Wadia says to run glass optical, which starts me thinking if I run the RME 9632 it has optical outs already, then I can just run it direct to the Wadia. If I don't run optical I can still run AES/EBU digital directly out of the 9632. The other RME as well as the Lynx obviously can run digital out AES/EBU. I really don't care about my connection type, just looking for the best sound quality.


I am after best sound possible and have heard a lot of things about the Lynx, but the thing is so long it won't fit in the PC I am trying to build. The RME will. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks all


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