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Convert AIFF to ALAC?

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I thought this would be something easily found with a google search or an option with iTunes, but for the life of me I can't find a way to convert an existing AIFF file in my iTunes library to ALAC. Anyone here know how?



Cheers,[br] - Tim

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I was testing out the conversion option in iTunes on my laptop, which is set to AAC, whereas my Mac Mini music server is set to ALAC. If I would have just tried it on my Mini first it seems that I wouldn't even have had this question. Good to know how it works though. Thanks much!


Cheers,[br] - Tim

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It creates a new copy of the AIFF but in ALAC format. Select them all, right click and create Lossless version. It will not be easy to move them into a different library however. The AIFF and ALAC will reside in the same folders. You could just create a smart playlist the contains all the ALAC files. Then just sync that playlist to your iPod Touch.


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