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5.1 24/96 support via Lynx AES116e

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I just got off the phone with Lynx and the result of the discussion is that the AES16e would not be a pratical method of supporting multichannel materiel.

Other possbilities would be (on a Mac) would be using the optical line out to direct feed the AV system, not sure what else might be needed and I suspect jitter would be rough.

Any thoughts on tweeking the audiophile refrence server to support both 2ch and multi channel materiel? Just a matter of time before multi channel offerings show up at higher levels that 24/96.


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Multi-channel is largely dominated by the home theater market. As soon as 5.1 and 7.1 movie downloads become popular, multi-channel audio will tag along. IMO the optical disk will continue to be the preferred format for multi-channel audio and video for some time to come. This is a different media venue with stricter copy protection, A/V receivers, HDMI, etc.


Even though the professional audio cards and devices are capable of multi-channel recording and playback, the multi-channel devices and multiple DACs are too impractical for consumer playback of multi-channel audio in the home.


It’s hard to compete against the Oppo Universal Players that cost $150-$250 and play multi-channel SACDs, DVD-As, and DVD videos. I believe the Oppo Universal Player that includes Blu-ray will cost around $500. A few years from now expect to see Blu-ray Universal Players as cheap as CD/SACD/DVD Universal Players are today.


Most audiophiles neither have the space, room arrangements or money to acquire a multi-channel audio system that rivals their 2-channel stereo systems. In addition multi-channel content is severely limited and it would probably be an exaggeration to assume that the split between mono/stereo versus multi-channel albums in most folks’ music collection is 50 to 1.


I have a 7.1 home theater system and I am more than willing to play multi-channel audio in my car. Anything beyond that is just not practical for me and I have little interest.



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