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Using Airport Express + another wireless network

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Is it possible to use an Aiport Express connected to my integrated amp to wirelessly connect to my iMac while utilizing another wireless network for the internet?

Inherently I would like to connect to 2 wireless networks at the same time. Reason being, I am connected to my roommates wireless network for internet, but when I use my AE to join that network (or extend that network) the signal continuously gives out.




iMac Intel + NAD C372 Integrated Amp + JM Lab Cobalt 806 + Straightwire cables

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You computer can only join one network at a time. AE joining the other network is the right way, but you already tried it. Another way to do it is to wire the AE to the router of your roommates network.



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I'm fairly confident that you can connect to one network for internet service while simultaneously routing music via AirTunes to an Airport Express set up on a separate network.


I'm doing just that right now - I have two networks - one for 802.11n and one for 802.11g - and I'm able to route to AE on either of them while connected to the other for internet.


I'm not that knowledgeable re: the iMac's built-in wifi capabilities, but if it's a true wireless router, you should be able to hang your AE off that network (and route music to it) while simultaneously surfing on your roommate's internet connection.


Select the AE in iTunes, and select your roommate's network for internet connection.


your mileage may vary, as you have different setup.









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