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X-Box 360 as music server


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I have been looking into revamping my audio system lately. Basically, i want to do away with all of my CD's and use a music server for my listening pleasure. I've been looking into a Mac Mini set-up, but realized that i may be able to use my son's 360. I'm trying to start this system without dumping too much money into it at the get-go.


This is what I'm thinking about doing and would like any comments as to whether it will work or if there is something else that would work better.


I can buy a 120g HDD for the 360 and load it up with music. Connect the 360 via USB to a DAC (something like a Wavelength Proton or a Firestone Fubar), send the signal out to my pre-amp, then to the speakers. The 360 can be controlled by it's own wireless controller and displayed on my T.V.


The only thing I'm not sure about right now is the music functions/capabilities of the 360 in regards to navigation, shuffling music, etc...


Does this sound like a feasible system for now?






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This is a great site, thanks for turning me on to it!


There is some music on the HDD now, so I'm going to play around with the controls a bit to see how well the functions work.


I'll think eventually i'll go with the Mini scenario. That way i can use my T.V. as a monitor and get a wireless keypad as well. My frustratingly old and pushed-to-the-limits Blue Dalmatian iMac is getting a bit tired!




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