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Digital Distribution Dilema - DSD


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Hi All,


I currently run Mach2 mac mini playing pure music, usb out to offramp 3, out of the offramp two ways as all the offramp outputs are hot at once, one is spdif to a Twisted Pear B3 dac and the second is to a digital distribution amp via aes/ebu. That then sends aes/ebu to two other dacs around the house.


The offramp 3 only handles up to 24/96. The B3 can handle DSD and I would like to go that direction soon. I think I would need to add a usb input to the B3. The digital distribution amp can only go to 24/192 and the other dacs can't handle DSD either.


So I guess I am looking for a way to modify the setup so I can keep using it the way it is, but play DSD on my main system when I want to do that kind of listening. Should I have another USB cable running direct to the B3 from the mac mini? Am I able to change the USB out on the mini when I want to use DSD? I don't believe there are devices like the offramp that can handle DSD, are there?


What would you recommend?



Aurender N100H, Kimber USB, Uptone Regen, PS Audio Directstream dac, Siltech 550I ICs balanced, Oasis S200 Monoblocks, AQ Red Wood Speaker Cable, Magico S5 speakers.

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