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OK, since my ideas for the use of Apple TV to stream to my media room so I don't have to keep moving the computer to this room I figured I'd go back to my original idea.


I am going to use my Marantz 8002 receiver for output and DAC conversion till I am able to get a separate DAC down the road. I plan on hooking up my Macbook pro to the Marantz through the TOS mini output on the Mac to the Marantz. For storage I want to do this if it will work I'd like some feedback before I invest in Time Capsule. I have structured wiring throughout my new home. I did all the wiring with my Dad's buddy who was my electrician so I got a exactly what I wanted. This is the present setup: Cable line into house -> to modem at cabinet in basement -> to Netgear Pro router in basement -> to ethernet switch which feeds to the drops that I have hooked up to it -> Time Capsule will be in the office hooked up to be a drop to allow wireless internet in the house. I have my printer hardwired to a drop in the office so that it can be accessed wired or wireless anywhere in the house. I also did this so I didn't have to have the basestation in the same room if I didn't want to. Sos right now the aport extreme is being used as an access point. I want to remove the basestation and replace it with a Time Capsule and put all my music on that. i don't want o stream wireless though. I want to take a port on the back of the basestation and hardwire into the structured wiring down to the switch and then also hardwire the computer to a port in my media room. Will this allow me to stream wireless from the time capsule to the Mac so I don't have to worry about speed over wireless?


I hope this makes sense and I can get some insite. If this doesn't work then I would have to go wireless to snf from Time Capsule to the Mac and f speed is an isue then have to just keep the files on the computer, but I really didn't want to due to storage space.



Thanks to all!!





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Well I have finally had some time to grab a Time Capsule and play with it. I have it hooked up right now to my structured wire setup in my house. Pretty much it is an access point in bridge mode cause it is getting it's IP address from my hub in the basement where the main panel is. I have music stored on the Time Capsule and have made a new iTunes Library called Time Capsule for now. When I choose this library and go to play a song through my computer on iTunes I have the passwords stored in the keychain so it auto logs onto the Time Capsule server and starts to play. No problems at all. I also have my AE hooked up to my Nuvo system in my house and I'm also streaming to that no problem. No hickups yet!


I also think for now I'm going to hook up my other airport extreme base to be it's own network so when my wife is on the internet I don't have to worry about bandwidth problems over the wireless and also our one Macbook Pro is not "N" so if she access the time capsule network I'll get pulled down to A/B/G cause the other macbook pro is not N. If one thing accessing the network isn't N the time capsule gets pulled down to A/B/G. Booo!


Then get the computer hooked up to my main listening system. Still didn't buy a DAC so we are going into the MArantz 8002 still via TOS. I will make a choice sooner or later.




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Well I got the Macbook Pro updated to Leopard now and I must say I like the new interface and eye candy they have added. Tonight I got a library started with my ripped DVDA stuff that is 24/96 and some other lossless stuff.


I made sure the midi setting was at 24/96 and I am getting a 24/96 readout on my Marantz so that is good and when I play my 16/44 lossless stuff it goes back to stereo. So I know all is working right now.


I am real happy with how everything sounds so far. I have to say I was streaming from the time capsule over ethernet and not wireless cause I thought I might get buffer problems. With wired it was perfect. I'm going to try wireless tomorrow.


Oh ya and I have to get a DAC still. I'm slow with this stuff. . . I have to make a choice already.




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