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2.0TB OWC/Raidon Gigabit NAS... Anyone have one of these?

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I want to go to a NAS Solution and I am tossing around ideas. I want to be able to use it as a Time Machine Backup, Media Library and have a mirror for safety purposes. I would also love to be able to access my files from work or from wherever.


The guy at Macsales this would do it for me. I guess I just need info/help.


I have thought about Airport Extreme with a USB disk, Time Capsule and now this situation.






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I was concerned about that too. I figured the guy was just trying to make a sale and that is why he said it wold work. SO if my Mac sees it as a internet attached drive, doesn't mean I can automatically use it for time machine?


I just want the best and easiest solution.


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