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V-Link vs Nova vs Dragonfly

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I have a Windows 7 PC connected to a first gen Peachtree Nova via USB using Audioquest Cinnamon cable. I have enjoyed that setup for the last 3 years. Recently I started experimenting with high resolution audio files and realized that Windows has serious limitations with USB audio. My budged is limited and I'm going to be spending $500 upgrading my Oppo 980H DVD player to a BPD-103 Blu-ray. That leaves only about $200 for a minor upgrade. If I get a V-Link, I can feed the Nova's DAC with the SPIFF signal. Getting a Dragonfly will get the job done, but it'll bypass the Nova's DAC. Has anybody compared the Nova and the Dragonfly DAC wise? I realize that I can play anything above 48Khz with the Oppo if I attach a USB drive to it, but how good is the Oppo's D to A conversion when compared to the Nova or the Dragonfly? Anyway, if anybody can shed some light it will be appreciated.

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