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Need Help - No sound from WMP


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Hello Everybody.


W/o fanfare or warning, my Windows Media Player is playing, but I'm getting no sound.


Last night I was window shopping for WallMart MP3 downloads and tried to play a sample track. No sound. I checked my WMP v11 and found that it did play tracks from the Library, but no sound coming out. I went to Device Manager > Sound & Audio Devices > Properties and discovered that there was "No Audio Device"! Normally, I have this set to "USB Audio Device". After an hour of fooling around, including making sure every audio device (including my SB Live 5.1 soundcard) was enabled and not unmapped, I still could get no audio device to show up.


BTW, my JRiver Media Jukebox works fine, even w/o "No Audio Device" This seems impossible, but there it is.


So, (1) how do I get my "Audio Device" back and (2) is the absence of the Audio Device the reason why I get no sound from WMP?


My system:

> Viper custom desktop PC

> Windows XP Home (SP3)

> Exact Audio Copy suite


> JRiver Jukebox

> USB out to Behringer U-Control> optical out

> Musiland MD10 DAC (OS)

> RCAs to analog preamp.


Would appreciate any advice. Mike





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