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Bad Barracuda Drives

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Been researching parts for my NAS and was reading reviews of 1 TB drives on Newegg and there where some pretty tech savvy users complaining about the recent quality control of Seagate. Here is a link:



There were, however some strong endorsements of Western Digital, especially this one with "RE3" (Raid Edition):



Any thoughts anyone, also, has anyone had any experience with the new QNap TS-439 or 639 Pro?



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Hi Kevin - Wow, that doesn't look positive for the Seagate drives. I've never had bad luck with Seagate and it is my go-to drive vendor. Hitachi is my backup drive vendor. Seagate does have a 5 year warranty on its drives. I think that's a sign of how good the drives are. If you want to get the best drives get the Seagate E2.S enterprise 1TB drives from NewEgg.


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Chris, I was pretty shocked myself. The "Poor" rating on the ES.2 was 23%. Here's the link:



Seems like this is recent trend and I wonder if you bought yours before these problems started. I am moving out of the country in a couple months, so the 5 yr warranty is basically useless. I need something more reliable for sure! I will research the Hitachi's, but the WD is looking pretty good right now.



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