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spdif from headphone jack in laptop out?

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sorry for all the threads but i am like a kid in a candy store here.


as i mentioned in previous posts, i ordered a squeezebox duet and now am looking at other (better?) options...


is it possible and would it sound better for me to go out from my laptop spdif headphone jack direct into my theta dac ? is there an adapter that will allow me to go from headphone jack (not sure what that is called...) to coax digital cable? if so, would this not be the best sounding, most direct method and outperform sb?



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Has several companies selling toslink cables and adaptors. I got mine for about £6 (at the current rate of exchange, by the time I've finished typing this sentence, that's about $6). And that was a 5 metre cable (or a lot of inches, in American).


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thanks chris and great site! i do not have a mac, just an hp laptop. i did get and adapter that will let me run digital coax to my theta so i am going to give it a go. i already ordered the squeezebox but now seem to see allot of negative stuff about sound. i guess i will just play with it and see.


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