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USB cable comparisons

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Hi everyone, been using the Ghent audio starquad USB cables from RPI4 to Intona industrial version then to my DAC. This is for a 2.1 set up.


I still remain skeptical about whether USB cables will indeed make a difference/improvement to the sound but I have bitten the bullet and ordered a 1M Supra excalibur cable to prove my doubt, which should be arriving in 10 days. So noisy end between RPI4 to Intona still with Ghent audio starquad but the clean end between intona out to DAC will be with a Supra excalibur cable.


Will report back upon receipt and initial impression.





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2 hours ago, richard_crl032 said:

Or this one especially if your dac is usb powered that works for me even with oladra upgraded Antipodes cx+ex stack while different usb cables from current oyaide continental 5s still makes a difference. Cheers.




Thanks, I am currently using an allo shanti lps to power my ifi neo idsd dac. I don’t really have any issue with my current set up with Ghent audio starquad usb cable to intona to my dac. I am just interested to see if a Supra Excalibur cable might improve the sound at all.



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