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Just found the sight and signed up and wanted to introduce myself.


Name's Bill and I'm a music lover first and foremost. 32 years old and raised by a party DJ on pop/rock from the 50's-70's. My CD collection is primarily comprised of rock music from the early 90's to the present. Most is British with some American indie mixed in. I got into the HiFi hobby in college because I wanted to hear everything my favorite CD's had to offer.


On to what brought me here. I am about to embark on the third ripping of my CD collection. Currently it's ripped in 256kbps MP3 files for syncing the entire 700CD library on my 80GB iPod. CD's are spun in my main system on a Rotel RCD-1072. I plan on replacing that with a Cambridge Audio DacMagic and an Apple Airport Express. The computer side of my equation comprises of a late-2007 iMac. I just purchased a 1TB LaCie Ethernet Disk mini Home Edition NAS drive. I have an Apple Extreme BaseStation as well.


I plan on re-ripping my CD collection into WAV files for storage on the above LaCie drive. That drive shows up in iTunes just as a shared library would. It will be connected via ethernet to my BaseStation which is connected via Ethernet to my iMac. I will then stream wirelessly to the Airport Express which will be connected via Toslink to the DacMagic. I will control them using the Remote App from Apple for the iPod Touch.


Am I missing anything? Does this sound viable? Will it at least sound as good as what I'm hearing from a CD through the Rotel? I'll be happy if I can match that sound quality with the convienence of an iPod.




Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Mac Mini->Roon + Tidal->KEF LS50W

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Hello Bill,


Welcome to this wonderful site which is a great resource for all things computer audio related.

The only thing you may have missed is that on the Mac you'll want to rip your files as AIFF, not WAV.

AIFF is uncompressed so you'll keep all the bits and bytes from your audio CD. Be sure, in the iTunes import settings, to turn error correction ON.


I'm 100% sure you'll achieve better sound with your computer setup than with your old CD player which has to perform error correction on the fly.


Keep us posted with your thoughts on the sound quality once you've got it all setup.


Where are you from Bill?


HTPC: AMD Athlon 4850e, 4GB, Vista, BD/HD-DVD into -> ADM9.1

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Thanks for the info about AIF and the error correction.


I'm in Chester County PA. I've got an old Cambridge Audio CD player that could spin the occasional disk or a Denon DVD-2900 for SACD/DVD-Audio discs.


I'm struggling on getting the LaCie server set up.




Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Mac Mini->Roon + Tidal->KEF LS50W

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