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Anyone try Multiplugin as a fix for iTunes auto-resolurtion issue (on PC)


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So I'm in the middles of demoing the Weiss Minerva DAC, and love the sound. Beautiful. Unfortunately this possible paradigm shift from a very very nice tubed DAC (Modwright transporter)/Squeeze Center (and it's great itouch and pronto remote add-ons), where 24/96 is the max, to ANYTHING else... is a pain.

*Foobar v.096 is great, sounds great, supports Weiss's WASAPI firewire driver and supports auto-resolution changes. Problem: no good remote interfaces, except to run remote desktop on a laptop or something. Yuck.

*iTunes has a very nice native iTouch remote app, but doesn't support FLAC and Wavpack (oh well, bite the bullet on a huge one-time file conversion project) and doesn't support automatic resolution changes, or evn a decent workaorund (Chris's notwithstanding).

* Other front ends have the same issues with one or another


Then I uncovered a plug-in app called Multiplugin that uses Foobar as a back-end, an archived early version of iTunes as a front-end. No idea if things like Foobar v.96, WASAPI drivers and hi-rez cause Multiplugin to throw up, or if Apple iTouch Remote even works with older iTunes's. Anybody try it?




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I've used the multi-plugin a number of times. You're stuck with a slightly older version of iTunes but I don't think that really affects it's ease of use.


Whatever settings you have within Foobar are used - iTunes merely sits over the front end. I'd therefore assume that the iTouch will work unless it's not compatible with iTunes 7.6 or earlier - check that one out.


If you like how WASAPI sounds (or doesn't as the case should be) then this is a good solution allowing use of the great iTunes interface.




HTPC: AMD Athlon 4850e, 4GB, Vista, BD/HD-DVD into -> ADM9.1

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