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Benchmark DAC1/Halide Bridge/Audioquest Carbon USB Cable/Silflex Glass Optical Cable

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Season’s Greetings all.


I have for sale the four items listed below. Hopefully someone can put them to good use. All were purchased new by me and are in perfect condition with original boxes and documentation. Payment would be through PayPal. PayPal charges and shipping within the U.S. are on me.


Benchmark DAC1 (Black) – $600.00

DAC1 Overview | Benchmark Media

192/24 D/A Audio converter with headphone amplifier. Includes BNC to RCA adapter and power cord. No USB input. I was using the Halide Bridge listed below on USB out from my MacBookPro into the DAC1’s BNC input. Purchased March of 2009 from Benchmark.


Halide Design Bridge - $200.00

S/PDIF Bridge | USB to SPDIF cable | USB DDC

USB to S/PDIF converter with BNC end connector. Asynchronous USB data transmission using Streamlength™ by Wavelength Audio. 96/24 maximum sample/bit rate supported. Includes BNC to RCA adapter. Purchased February of 2011 from Halide Design.


Audioquest Carbon USB Cable (1.5m/5’) - $75.00

USB Digital Audio

5% Silver conductors. USB A-plug to USB B-plug. Purchased September 2011 from local audio store.


LiFaTeC Silflex Glass Optical Cable - $40.00

SILFLEX Glass Toslink MiniPlug Digital Audio Optical Cables, ST, Mini Plug, Duplex and Armored and Optisilk

Miniplug to Toslink end connectors. Purchased December of 2010 from LiFaTeC USA.


Thanks for looking.







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Dropping the price again. Now at $450. Paypal and shipping on me.

Are you kidding me, this is a STEAL of a deal for this DAC. Hell, where's my money clip?

Thomas Turner


SPEAKERS - Snell Type C/V | PREAMP/DAC -  Project Pre Box S2 Digital  | SOURCE - Auralic Aries Mini | ROOM TREATMENT - LEDE, bass traps @ Rear of room, acoustic panels @ 1st reflections point: side walls | AMPLIFIER - Acurus A100

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Thank you for your interest in the DAC1, but I would prefer to keep the sale here in the U.S.. Sorry.


Not that it's any of my business, but I would be curious to know why. Wouldn't the $75 dollars you went down in price go a long way to ship 2 kg of DAC1 to Europe?




Home: Apple Macbook Pro 17" --Mini-Toslink--> Cambridge Audio DacMagic --XLR--> 2x Genelec 8020B

Work: Apple Macbook Pro 15" --USB--> Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 --1/4\"--> Superlux HD668B / 2x Genelec 6010A

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Good point Peter. I've already been in contact with Monir regarding this very subject. Unfortunately, it just won't work for him at this time. Thanks for your observations though.


Best regards,


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