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Is it time for some forum reorganization?

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To date there are 557 topics and 6511 posts in the General Forum while all the other forums combined total 841 topics and 7249 posts. I would see how someone new to this website would love all the excellent discussions but may be at a loss as to how best to pull all the pertinent threads.


Perhaps some of the posts or topics in the General Forum could be moved to one of the more restrictive forums. I’m sure there is also a lot of overlap in topic subjects. Another possibility is for each post to have a maximum of 3 keywords for searching and each topic to have a maximum of 30 keywords for cross-searching.


Of course when Chris posts something new under Home, Equipment, CASH List, or Music and someone posts something to the CA topic, it isn’t entirely clear how readers would be aware of what’s new if they are using multiple computers or what’s of interest and pertinent to one of the forum discussions.


I guess the basis of this topic started for me when I thought it would be great if the CA website had the ability to conduct polls or surveys, like some of the news websites. I thought there was a discussion of wish list improvements to this site, but I wasn’t sure. So I did a search, which turned up nothing pertinent, so I did a manual quick scan of the 23 pages of the General Forum. I found some related topics “Forum operation request – 1/27/2009”, “Mark all messages read – 1/6/2009”, “RSS feed – 12/11/2008”, and “Classified section – 12/11/08”, but not what I imagined existed.


Also I would love to see more topics in the “Music in General” forum. Someone started a “Must have classical music” topic. It would be great to have similar topics for all genres of music or a “CA Top Ten Music List”.



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Is usually the death knell of anything decent. FWIW, I like things the way they are. General seems to work quite well as a catch-all for newbies.


With regard to polls and surveys ... ugh. I always tell lies on them anyway. Of course, since the question is itself a poll of people's opinion, I could be lying.


Hope this was useful (but I doubt it).


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Hi Guys - Keep the comments coming. I'm listening and writing it all down for further improvements. No promises as I don't agree with everything, but I'm open to anything. The fact that you've taken the time to post your opinions about this is very cool and I appreciate it greatly (especially shenzi because he likes everything right now). Only kidding.


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Those ones that tell you you're a genius in bed - they're great.


The one outside my house that stops the telephone wires from tripping me up in the morning - brilliant.


A whole gaggle of 'em have just opened a new restaurant and deli down town - mmmmmmmmm spiiicy suasage.


Those bendy ones that chuck athletes over a bouncy one balanced between two stiff ones - not bad. Better when they snap!!


CA Forum - great layout. Needs a 'New Posts' button.


Oh, and I should be given a delete button. A bright red shiny kill switch to be used entirely at my own discretion. No-one else can have one. Just me. I WANT POWER I WANT CONTROL I WANT................


sorry dear, I'll take it now.........


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Shouldn't General be the catch-all for all topics that don’t fit under one of the more specific forums. For example should the discussion of XXHighEnd or any other player software be under the General forum instead of the Software forum? I think you will find discussions on XXHighEnd in both forums, which means newbies or anyone else may have to do a lot of hunting and pecking. I am wondering how easy it will be to navigate and find things in the forums after a few years.


Also, why should you lie in an anonymous survey or poll? I assume that your opinion or choice in a poll or survey would be as honest (or dishonest) as your posts.


As for reorganization being the death knell of anything decent – grow requires organization. We all (or most of us) praise Chris on this apropos website and he may be a genius but it’s hard to believe that there isn’t room for improvement. My hope is for CA readers to feel that this is the best audio website out there and that it is easy to find whatever CA information they’re searching for.




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It's the word reorganisation which makes me reach for my gun. Slight tweak here and there is fine. But I genuinely like the look of this forum and hate the ones which look like a child's spreadsheet.


As for lying in polls ... I think it is every honest citizen's job to make the statisticians' work more interesting by vigorously skewing the results.


In the last national census in the UK, there was an enterprising campaign to get people to vote 'Jedi Knight' under the 'other religion' box. If enough people did it (I think the minimum was 10,000), it has to appear on the next census as an organised religion, with it's own special box.


Now, where did I put my light sabre ?


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