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Would love some help on finding an inexpensive DAC solution (Spitfire, Keces, Devilsound, Fubar, etc.)

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I was thinking of a few things:


the Fubar II DAC with Supplier power supply costing 270




Spitfire DAC with Supplier costing 370


and the only other DACs I came up with for the price is the Devilsound DAC for 270 or the Keces DAC for 280


I really don't want to spend more than the 270 price point (which is still 100 more than I want to spend . . . in actuality it's 270 more than I want to spend, but enough jokes about the economy), but 370 for the spitfire combo sounds enticing


Does the power supply really make that much of a difference? Could I just buy the Fubar II and get away with it? I was originally interested in the Keces but then I saw that they're always being sold 2nd hand which leads me to believe that it has a low ownership satisfaction rate. I also heard about this Zero Dac that sounds too good to be true at 150 bucks.


any suggestions would be appreciated


My current setup:



Premium RCAs


Monster Power Center MKii 1000

Macbook Core 2 May 2007 refresh


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Try this!




It has been recommended by Ashley James and others here. I picked one up recently and have been thoroughly impressed. For the price, you can't go wrong! :)





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I would take this one step at a time. Purchase the Spitfire without the extra power supply. Use it for a while, then try the PSU. You can probably get a 30 guarantee when you purchase online.


I've heard good thing about the M-Audio unit, but it does require it's' own software whereas the other DACs use native Windows or Mac drivers.


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I'm really new to this hifi stuff, if the M-Audio can produce outstanding audio, then I'll go for it, but on the other hand, the Spitfire looks fantastic and looks of a better build. Like I said I'm a first timer and I'm sure that down the road I'll get upgraditis, but instead of spending 100 on a "get-me-by" device, should I just splurge for the big daddy setup with the power supply?


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Roker, I have the Keces 151 (USB). I've had it for over a year. It is a fantastic sounding unit, extremely well built. Service from the builder in Taiwan was first rate. On Head-Fi, this is a top-reviewed and thought-of item.


Compared to my RCD1072 CD player (Absolute Sound 2003 product of the year), the sound quality and profile is very similar through the same quality interconnects and my separates/B&W speakers.


So, a strong vote from me on that particular unit, without basis for direct comparisons to the others you noted.




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I got a real good deal on the fubar II that I couldn't pass it up. I'm going to withhold from buying a nice dac until I'm ready.


I think it's better to buy a nice one after some careful research rather than jump into the first one I've read about. I bought the NHT setup because I had heard it more than a few times at a friends place and I became convinced that this was going to suit me the best.


For the future, I have these three to consider:



Keces 131 (I want to use Toslink)


the Cambridge DacMagic


which of those 3 do you think is the best? I like a more "open" sound to the music I listen to, if that makes any difference.


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Only had a few months. Realized if I listened to all the discussion here on comparisons I would miss out on music and never buy. Service and quality are first rate, that is high on my personal list and all discussions on this unit were stellar.




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