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Amarok for Mac and Windows

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I just noticed this. Amarok is in beta now for Windows and Mac. I grabbed a copy for PPC Mac and it seems to mostly work. The new interface in V2 throws me a little, but it seems that the nice hierarchal explorer and the easy to understand playlist window are present and accounted for. The smart playlist algorithm-building gizmo looks great. A couple of widgets were obviously still out in beta land somewhere. I think showing song lyrics in the middle pane is pretty cool.


It plays 16/44.1 FLACs and 24/88.2 AIFFs, as well as WAVs and WMAs right out of the box on my Mac. That's encouraging, since I haven't had much luck finding Mac apps that play FLACs in particular or much of anything hi-res. (Cog works, but it's a tad spartan. I haven't looked at Songbird in a while, I must admit.)


There are bug reports complaining about the lack of high-res FLAC support on the KDE bug tracker already, so hopefully that will get worked out soon.




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