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On 8/28/2018 at 4:31 PM, One and a half said:

I've heard quite a few 'Autumn Leaves', none but one brings the correct emotion to the song as this one. Eva, we really miss you.


image.thumb.png.d1d7601605e16151a0518cf08f5e39cc.png Youtube this song

Agreed. She absolutely blew me away on this (and a number of other) covers. Her version of Sting's "Fields Of Gold", also mentioned earlier, was also the definitive one. Some years back, Sting was appearing locally here and being interviewed on the radio. A friend of mine heard the interview as it happened. The interviewer asked if he would be performing "Fields Of Gold" as it was her favorite of his songs. Sting said something to the effect of "possibly, but having heard Eva Cassidy's remake of it, mine sometimes seems a bit inadequate". 



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16 hours ago, christopher3393 said:

The Residents' 1976 version of The Stones' 'Satisfaction' is nearly everything the better-known version by Devo from a year later is not: loose, belligerent, violent and truly fucked-up.

I agree The Residents' version is "truly f....d up" but I'd say Devo's version is pretty f....d up in it's own way. Both great versions. Also enjoyed the Bjork/PJ Harvey version. First time seeing that. Thanks

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Jessica Lange  ?

The Name Game!  :D (from American Horror Story, for anyone who doesn't know)




"I know I chatter on far too much...but if you only knew how many things I want to say and don't, you'd give me some credit!"  -Anne of Green Gables


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That was a considerable amount of work putting that post together @christopher3393.  It's especially rewarding seeing your interest grow from that which would normally pass without auguring further discussion.  Among the recognized stars of that time period it was very common to play hits others had written and made popular while still new to the public's ears.    


This certainly wasn't planned.  Something tells me a few of you might be right in line with my album of evening I sat out beforehand that will be posted tomorrow. 

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