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Help with KRK monitors.

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Hello, I purchased a set of KRK Rokit 6G2 speakers for my new computer. I have had them for 4 weeks BUT they sound like sh#*! I tried using a pink noise generation program, playing it continuosly for two days and even tried a couple different music cds but the speakers still sound like crap. They sound muffled and you can hardly hear the vocals, if you turn the system up to try and hear the vocals the sound just gets worse. I hooked up my kids new Logitech Z2300s and they sound really good. The KRKs are Biamped monitor speakers with kevlar woofers. I have read that all kevlar speakers need a burn-in period before they will sound good but they sound so bad I cant bear to listen to themj long enough to get through a burn-in perioid if one is required.


My pc specs are; Core i7 920 on a gigabyte x58 board with realtec 889 sound. My headphones I hook up in the front ports sound really good as well. What can I do?? Are the speakers broke? I dont think I can return them to The Guitar Center, think they said I would have to send the speakers to KRK for warranty stuff.


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I haven’t listened to the Rokit 6, so I don’t know how they sound, but last year I bought a pair of KRK VXT6 for the desktop of my office and I am extremely happy with them. I have compared them with the Genelec, the Klein & Hummel and the Mackie (all of them as 6 Inch versions) and have chosen the KRK. I do not want to say, the others sounded bad, because everyone has a different taste in what loudspeaker sounds good for his ears.


I know that the VXT6 are nearly two times the price of the Rokit6 but your Rokit story sounds more like they are broken. Loudspeakers need some break in time, but after 2 days, most materials must be in a good shape, so I would bring them back.





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How do you have your speakers wired up to the computer? It almost sounds like you aren't getting enough signal to amps in the speakers because with a good source, those model of speaker are really good for the money. Not to be critical but Realtek onboard sound is very low end. Feeding a pair of bi-amped monitors that with a source such as the Realtek onboard is not an optimal setup by any means. This is more than likely why the Logitech speakers and your headphones sound so much better; they are being driven properly while the KRK's have nothing to "sing" with. You have a couple of options available at Guitar Center. The M-Audio Fast Track Pro USB interface ($149) which would connect to your computer via a USB cable and then RCA outs to your monitors. The better option is the M-Audio Firewire Solo interface ($199) which connects via firewire cable to your computer and has balanced outputs to enable you to use Male TRS to Male XLR cables with your KRK's; they will know exactly what you are talking about and you would be much happier. Both options have volume controls and will give you much better sound with your monitors. You can pick up the Livewire brand TRS to XLR cables for around $15 to $20 a pair. You and your KRK's would be much happier!


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Thanks for the info. When I was searching around for speakers I couldn't find any helpful information on what exactly I needed to set up a set of KRKs so I just went and bought them, pluged them in and whala,,,,crap!


Anyway, I have them directly connected to my rear audio ports. I had initially thought the same as you, that the speakers were not getting a good enough push from my sound card. So I searched around and was told to get a DAC/AMP but because I just spent $$ for the speakers the wife said "NOT NOW" to my requests for an external soundcard/amp. And the volume only goes as high as the windows media players volume control which I thought was pretty low for these speakers. I posted my issue on another forum and was asked how exactly did the speakers sound and my reply was:


When playing ROCK/Heav Metal - all you hear up front is guitars, everything else , including the vocals are far away in the back ground and sound like they are inside a tinroof arena. And for Smooth Jazz you can hear one instrument up front the rest are again in the far background and sound "tinish".


So, what do you think I need to add to make these speakers sound better than the Logitecs? A DAC? or a standalone internal sound card?


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In my post above I recommended going back go Guitar Center and picking up a M-Audio Fast Track USB or M-Audio Firewire Solo. They are DAC's with volume control and exactly what you need. The Solo is $50 more but is well worth it. My father has one in his office and my brother owns one as well. You wire the Solo via firewire to your computer and use TRS male to XLR male cables available at Guitar Center for $15-20 to wire the Solo to your speakers via their XLR port. You will get much better sound and your speakers will come alive, I promise.


david is hear[br]http://www.tuniverse.tv

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