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Best Mac friendly NAS device

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There are a lot of NAS out there folks - seemingly very few (apart from the Time Capsule) are Mac friendly beyond the usual smoke and mirror compatibility lists. Any recommendations - want gigabit ethernet, speed and raid redundancy.

Beyond I terabyte would be good.


yours, appreciatively tog.


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Hi Tog - In my experience almost all NAS units are Mac friendly. If they support smb or afp that's all you need to connect with a Mac. In reality it's just disk your connecting to and it mounts on the desktop like any other disk. I have a Thecus and it works perfect with my Macs and PCs. I've used QNAP as well without issue. Connecting via IP makes almost everything like OS a moot.


Are you looking for some specific features other than disk space? I'll be happy to help just let me know.


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Take a look at the WD Studio Version, it is available with (2) 1 terabyte drives that creates an auto back up.... I think the price is discounted to around $300 right now on WD's site.


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thanks for advice


As a long time Mac user I am used to drive incompatibilities usually caused by either a lack of proper afp or using the Windows filesystem. The NAS would be used for backing up four machines as well as a large music collection. So far the Readynas Duo looks good but then most Thecus drive comes highly recommended.


yours, driven tog


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