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My recent iTunes library mishap (750 albums deleted) made my decide to build a backup NAS.

I now have a QNAP 439Pro (4x1.5,raid5) as prime and a slightly less featured Verbatim Powerbay (4x2Tb, raid0) backup.


I found (both are Linux and have a web interface) both allow to configure rsync. I have now configured rsync server & account on the backup NAS and an rsync backup job on the QNAP...And it works... :-)


Issue: it takes 72 hours to copy about 3,5Tb of data. That is hardly gigabit.. That was the initial copy. I was glad it worked, so for starters, did not bother to sort that obvious performance issue. I have since shut down the backup NAS, so still need to check up on incremental sync speed.


Have googled, but did not find clear answers for such poor performance, other then many small file & related headroom.

Any tips what to look for? Other people using QNAP built-in rsync feature?

NB.. Both NAS'ses are on gigabit hardwire, however large frame settings did not seem compatible (framesize default values differ)...




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If you just use /usr/bin/rsync that resides on the mac mini, is it problematic? If not, you might want to leverage the (presumably) faster processors on you mac mini.

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