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Anyone know any sources for super clean PC power supplies?

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This is something I've wondered about for a while, but all the discussions of Jitter and power supply noise reminded me to ask.


For those of us building our PCs from scratch it's relatively simple to integrate custom power solutions. The problem is that I don't know of any PC component manufacturer's that are focused on creating really clean power supply solutions. For the vast majority of PC applications power supply noise isn't that big a deal.


So the question is does anyone know where one might find some really clean supplies worthy of going into a music server? For myself I'm looking for an outboard DC options. I'm currently using a regular PC motherboard that's underclocked so the power requirements aren't that high, it's already using an outboard AC-DC brick, and it's got a DC-DC board inside the chassis with a farraday cage around it. I've got no clue how much noise it generates though, not something I know how to measure. I've been considering isolating the hard disk on a separate power supply as well - the computer center near me happens to stock a kit that includes an AD-DC brick with an SATA power connector, so it's a relatively simple option for me.


I've been considering switching over to something Alix based using mpd or Netjack (booting from flash) to reduce the power requirements on the PC even more, but the question of where to get that power remains.


Seems like there is a growing niche here waiting for some of the engineers in the audiophile community to fill it.



mpdPup maintainer

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