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How do I get to the iTunes Equalizer control screen (on a Mac computer)?

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Another newbie question - I know this has probably been asked before but in my searches on the forum database I can't seem to locate the answer.


I keep reading about references to the iTunes Equalizer control screen. I'd like to be able to get to that screen but can't seem to find it in any of my menu searches on my MacBook Pro.


Can anyone point out the correct menu string to use to get to this option on a Mac computer?


I'm asking this question because I'm running some basic sound quality tests with my new computer-based system and want to make sure the equalizer settings are all turned off.


Thanks in advance for any help any of you can provide.




Mr. Wednesday


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Mister Wednesday wrote:

One more question about the iTunes Equalizer settings. Are these global settings that, once set, affect all tracks in iTunes according to those settings, or are the settings you choose track specific?


It's possible to use specific EQ settings for individual tracks, albums etc. Create and save an EQ setting, then right click on an individual track or album, select Get Info, choose the Options tab and under Equalizer Preset, select the preset you just created. Voila, that individual track or album now has its own EQ preset! :)


Hope that helps.





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The Equalizer in the Window menu is global.


However, you can adjust and store the equalizer setting on a song-by-song basis in each song's Options tab (in its File > Get Info dialog box).


That being said, to paraphrase the Simpsons, "Now that you know how to do it, Don't,"






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