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Lynx vs Vesta

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Ajay the Weiss 'Vesta' is primarily a firewire interface, I use the Weiss DACII straight from my Macbook ( via firewire ) and it is superb, I can also use the DacII as just a firewire interface and use it with other dacs which only have an AES/SBU connection Stahl-Tek berkeley Audio etc.

Chris ( I believe ) prefers the sound from his Mac Pro fitted with a Lynx card, (which has AES conectors) then to the DAC, I haven't made that comparison yet,but I hope to soon. Keith.


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Funny you mention Stahl-tek because I am using a mini mac via USB to my Stahl-tek DAC. I prefer the Vesta over lynx simply because it is an easier option. The lynx route would require me to buy a Mac Pro or something. Does anyone have any compatiblity issues with the drivers, the Lynx card and MAC?


The Stahl-tek with USB can only do 16 bit music. So i looking for other options so i can upgrade to 24 bit music.





Music after life

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Ajay HI, Chris C , is really best placed to answer this, but I believe the Lynx PCIe version is straightforward to fit uses current drivers and works perfectly. Imho the Vekian is a lot better using AES rather than USB, it is I believe the best dac around at the moment.

I hope to get a mac pro with 16aes interface and make the comparison at some point, perhaps you can let me know how you get on, Keith.


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