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iTunes Volume Control


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Good day all. I've got my library (at least a significant part of it) ripped AIFF and am now using a mac mini with external hard drive as a music server, connect via the mini-jack (optical) to the toslink digital input in my CDP (Levinson 390S). My settings on the computer show this as an output that is not adjustable, so I assumed as much. I was surprised to see the volume control work on itunes into my system!


After reading some threads, I still don't get it (slow). How do I get the truest setup? I thought I'd simply be sending a digital signal from my computer to my CDP(DAC section) and then use my pre for volume. How can I bypass this volume control?


Thanks and sorry if this is obvious.





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I just set the iTunes volume and my Macs system volume to the max and control everything from either my DAC or tube amp, depending on which one I'm using.





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The "system" volume is fixed, iTunes volume is not. The iTunes volume is a 24bit software volume control and should be set on full/highest level. Make sure you read up on the problem of setting the bit/sampling rate in MidiSetup before opening iTunes to avoid resampling.


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